The world of Equestria has been at peace for many a millennia. So when the barrier between the realms suddenly collapsed and the world of Incor invaded, Equestria fell into panic. The ponies sought out the rulers of the land, but to no avail, the princesses they hoped to restore the world were nowhere to be found. With no one to raise the sun in the morn and no one to bring the moon in the evening, Equestria fell into a perpetual time of twilight.

With Canterlot in shambles, a new ruler has taken the throne and taken run of the land. Monsters and creatures from the tainted land of Incor wonder the once gleaming hills of Equestria. In a time of need, the Oracles of Friendship have called upon you to cleanse the land of the vile creatures and bring back order and the balance of the Elements of Harmony.

My Little Pony: Defenders of Friendship

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