Chime was hatched during one of Canterlot University’s entrance exams, to a gifted but unfortunately unmotivated unicorn. He passed the exam with flying colors, but unfortunately it took less than a week for her new employer/father/master to become completely disenfranchised with the whole prospect of higher learning. After all, who needs university when you have the benefit of having a cushy life as the spoiled rotten son of one of the most prestigious noble families in Canterlot? He dropped out shortly thereafter, abandonding Chime.

She was then adopted by Puzzle Gear, a retired earth pony professor of arcane technologies at Canterlot University. He was visiting the school’s extensive royal library to do some research for his latest project when he heard about the now-orphaned dragonling. Not having any family of his own, Puzzle Gear chose to raise Chime as his daughter, returning with her to his workshop in the small town of Meadowvale. They spent many years living happily together as a family, and simply having a loving daughter in his life inspired Puzzle Gear to become a greater inventor than he ever was before.

When she was old enough, Chime began to apprentice for her father, though the first couple years mostly consisted of her being tasked with fetching supplies and putting out any unfortunate and most of the time accidental fires with her ice breath. Eventually, however, she began to learn the trade herself, and found that she absolutely loved it. Little by little, she developed the skills necessary to become an inventor herself.

One day, however, Puzzle Gear had asked Chime to go fetch supplies that he claimed he had ordered specially from a small, obscure magic shop in Manehatten. Chime hadn’t been asked to fetch supplies in several months, so she found the request a little odd. Still, though, she was all too happy to oblige, and headed off immediately. The trip took her a about a week, and when she returned to her home, Puzzle Gear was nowhere to be found.

Chime started to get worried after an entire day passed with no word from her father. The house was more or less in the same state of disrepair as it was when she left, and there was no sign that he had packed supplies for an extended trip or anything of the sort. None of the ponies in town had seen him leave, either, and until Chime had told them, most of them assumed he was just holed up in his workshop like always. Chime spent the following weeks trying desperately to find any sign of her father, going so far as to enlist the aid of his former colleagues at Canterlot University in the search. Despite the assistance, there was no sign of Puzzle Gear anywhere.

She was out of options. Chime had no idea where Puzzle Gear had gone, but she didn’t want to leave and search for him in case he returned while she was away. All she could think to do was simply attempt to pick up where she and her father had left off. Thus, Chime decided to continue to hone her craft by herself and take over running her father’s workshop, hoping that soon he would return. That is, until the invasion…


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